0.6 m"m/pix Resolution

Zero Distortion

Indifference to Acceleration or Stops

Automatic Exposure Compensation

SNMP Support

Full Encryption to Data

Automatic Make and Type Comparison

Optional Cloud Architecture

Interfaces to 3rd Party C4I Systems

No Blind


Color Area Scan

Work Under Direct Sunlight

3D UVIS solutions:

Wide range of products, designed to meet a wide span of client's needs

Technological Superiority:

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Intelli-Scan Main Screen

3D UVIS Flush Mount System- uvis / uvss

Automatic scan, comparison and foreign object detection.

Image quality: color, 3D, 0.6 m"m / pix. Environmental: -40°C ÷ 80°, IP68,
works under direct sunlight.
Available versions: one / two directions (incoming and outgoing traffic) Stand-alone / centralized DB / normal or extended temp, LPR, type and make auto detection, auto cleaning system, API into 3rd party command and control system.

3DUVIS Mobile System - uvis / uvss

For flexible control at changing security needs. Can be installed by one man in less than 15 min. lightweight - less than 25 Kg, can scan any car, lorry, truck or full trailer. Whit height of 8 c"m it can scan sports car and very low body.

Optional adds on: Auto detection of make and type (for comparing with manufacturers generic DB), LPR auto cleaning system.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

The perfect solution for any uvis or uvss installation, works for long range detection or short range LP read, embedded IR illumination makes it indifferent for external illumination condition. Supports more than 40 countries' LP number. Working temp -25°C ÷ 65°C, works under rain- fit for outdoor condition.

Inspection system for Gas/Oil tanker

The uvis provides Top, bottom and side scan, can scan full trailer + 2.

Perfect solution for refinery, fuelling station / pump station and gas reservoir.

Can reduce num of guards at check post, ROI less than 14 months.

Works at any weather condition, Auto detection ability. 

Auto cooling/heating.

Auto lens cleaning.

LPR, incoming and outgoing registration

Inspection system for train cart

- Can scan limitless length of train.

- Supports East Europe width and
  western width.

- Auto cooling/heating.

- Auto lens cleaning.

Add Ons
  • Automatic glass cleaning mechanism 

  • Extreme Temperature Enhancement
    (-40°C ÷80°C), auto cooling/heating

  • Bi-directional scan

  • Auto detection ability (comparing with the vehicles history or generic manufacturer template)

  • Installation last 2X half day!!!

  • Advanced warning for failure

  • Best product, features and materials

  • Wide span of products range

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Shallow Installation

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Highest quality of products guaranteed

Intelli-Scan advantage

Since its establishment in 2004 Intelli-Scan focused on image processing based solutions for the security, loss prevention and for industrial systems. Intelli-Scan utilized its superior know-how and global presence to deliver world best under vehicle scanners and traffic inspection technology. UK based, with offices in India, Intelli-Scan ensures best delivery time and support to its customers and business partners. The company has successfully deployed projects around the world with installations in refineries, army bases, national banks, commercial companies and private institutions.

  • Best pricing

  • Stock availability

  • Lowest shipment cost

  • Full training and technical support

  • Presale assistance and help with tenders

Superb Image Quality

Swift Inspection Process

Compare with History

No Need to Stop Traffic Flow

Integrated LPR

3D in-depth Investigation

Environmentally Sealed